Galaxy Note 9 : 
Samsung's big price $$ phone comes with an AI camera, long lasting battery and 128GB of onboard storage.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a little bigger and a little more powerful than the pervious Samsung phones, along with a big price tag of $1000. The note 9 has a 6.4-inch display, a giant 4,000mAh battery for all-day performance, and up to 512GB and internal storage and 8GB of RAM, additional storage is available through the micro SD card slot. 
The new S Pen stylus now does Bluetooth tricks like trigger your camera’s shutter button remotely. And lets not forget the special skin you get for the most popular game FORTNITE, you can download it through the gaming app.
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Design and Display:
Expansive, bright 6.4-inch display with minor dimension changes. Samsung’s Super amoled display doesn’t need to change much to look really good, and it always seems to consistently have the best smartphone screen on the market.
The 6.4-inch Note 9 big screen has increased from the 6.3-inch Note 8 display. The screen increase is minor and only a few will notice this, but nevertheless it is an improvement. 
​The awesome infinity curved edge Display is unmatched and seems to be 27% brighter and with 32% more contrast ratio than the Note 8.
The size of the Note 9 has changed from the Note 8, too. It’s a tad wider, and slightly shorter, than the Note 8. Other key points the Note 9 offers are It’s IP68 waterproof and dust-proof, and that resistance rating stays the same whether or not the S Pen is embedded. The fingerprint scanner on the Note 9 is easier to locate, and our forefinger landed on it nicely. The reader is located on the back of the Note 9, it is centrally located this time and this avoids any camera issues.

​Samsung Note 9's new AI camera features include:


​​ The S9 Plus camera's dual-aperture featuresWide-angle and telephoto lenses on back Samsung has carried over its camera powers from the Galaxy S9 Plus to the Note 9, with low-light defeating and telephoto-zooming camera lenses on the back. This will be one of the best camera phones you'll be able to buy this year.

The S9 Plus gives you an idea of the photo quality you can expect from the Note 9. Samsung has made some small changes to the software so that it will take better quality photos. With this update it automatically makes small, but meaningful differences to the white balance of images by recognizing what you're shooting. The Galaxy Note 9 kept the same hardware setup as the Galaxy S9 Plus. That is, dual 12-megapixel cameras on the back, one of them that automatically changes aperture when it detects the need for a low-light shot. There's also an 8-megapixel front-facing camera for your selfies. The secondary rear camera allows for a 2x optical zoom, giving you sharp telephoto snapshots for when you’re standing too far away. The aperture is always set at f/2.4, and like the main lens it has optical image stabilization to make up for your shaky hands. The new AI software analyzes the scene and quickly detects if you're shooting a flower, food, animal or person. There are 20 options the Note 9's has been equipped with this includes snowflakes, cityscapes, fire, and you get it all. The camera also optimizes white balance, saturation and contrast to make photos pop. The AI scene optimizer setting is on by default, but you can turn it off. Another small addition is the flaw detection in the camera settings is a dialog box pops up right after you take the picture to suggest taking another look such as retaking the picture if the person in the pictures eyes blink or if they move, if the lens is smudged or if there's too much backlight getting in the way of a perfect shot. 

Galaxy Note 9's new S Pen picks up Bluetooth tricks : 

As for the Note 9's new, cool S Pen stylus -- Bluetooth turns it into a remote control. The new S Pen is the Galaxy Note 9's standout feature by far. You can write, draw, navigate around and create live messages. But now, the S Pen's button can trigger different actions: An entire settings menu lets you customize the actions, You will have access the camera app, flip the camera around and take a photo, all in just a few clicks. 
The S Pen puts you in control, here are a few examples of what you can do, advance slides, play or fast-forward songs in a music player and shuffle through your photo’s. When it comes to the camera the S pen works awesome, One Long-press of the S Pen button to open the camera app, double press it to toggle between selfie and rear camera modes. Click once more to take a photo. The S Pen remote is said to work up to 30 feet away from the phone, Standby time is either 200 clicks or 30 minutes, and the S Pen recharges quickly, in under a minute starting when you reinsert the stylus into the holster. The Note 9 will notify you if you walk off without your S Pen in tow, but there's no "find my S Pen" feature or GSP transponder so if you lose it you will have to buy a replacement. I would suggest keeping it in its sleeve on the phone. Another awesome perk: The Note 9 will now write in the color of its S Pen when you're writing down notes on the black lock screen (the feature's called off-screen memo). So, that's yellow, purple, copper and white (for the black version). You can also switch to white "ink" if you'd prefer. In that case, why not any color?


The Galaxy note 9 has a much larger battery at 4,000mAh and it’s larger then the Galaxy S9 that has 3,000mAh, S9 Plus that has 3,500mAh. This is the best Samsung phone you can buy when it comes to battery life. Samsung is finally comfortable enough to give the consumer a larger battery following the Note 7 recall and that its eight-point safety check will mean no repeat of the fires we saw in the past years, and lets not forget it’s fast Charging and fast Wireless Charging capabilities. 
One final thing I want to mention is the Note 9's surround speakers, which are (the same) and just as loud as those on the Galaxy S9. Just remember not to cover the bottom speaker if you hold the phone to your ear so the sound doesn't muffle.

  • Massive battery
  • 128GB Internal storage
  • The new S Pen
  • Price point
  • Fingerprint reader could be relocated as it is slightly close to the camera
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