Apple Watch 4 review:

One of the best smart watches just got better!
The Apple Watch 4 has finally introduced some new features the consumers are looking for in a smart watch, this new design makes this watch more user friendly. Some extra features Apple has added focuses on consumers that suffer certain health conditions. Is it time to upgrade if you are wearing a older version, in my opinion, yes. With all the new convenient features the Apple Watch 4 brings to your wrist it’s time to move on with new technology.

Design and Screen:

The larger screen and more rounded edges are much nicer to look at and offer more functionality.
The Apple Watch S4 is the biggest design update since the watch launched in 2015. The Series 4 cuts down the bezel surrounding the screen versus the older models, effectively squeezing larger screens into the same size chassis. 
The series 4 is thinner and Apple cut the depth of the Watch from 11.4mm to 10.7mm. The Apple Watch still comes in two different sizes. The new watch sizes are 40 and 44mm, versus the previous 38 and 42mm. The larger display on both sizes of Apple Watch models mean bigger, more beautiful watch faces. New motion faces are full-screen, and the Kaleidoscope face looks brilliant and big. Apple has 25 watch faces to choose from and thousands of ways to tweak them and customize them.The digital crown on the side has a new look and it’s turning produces a realistic feeling. It actually has a click mechanism so that every time you turn the crown you feel it click, nice up grade. The side button below lies more flush now. More importantly, the onboard speaker is louder and clearer, which makes for clearer calls and talking to siri easier. At least Apple made it where your old bands fit the new watch. Make sure you have the right size, though: 42 and 44mm sizes are interchangeable, and likewise 38 and 40mm. 

Not much to talk about here. If you wanted significantly better battery life in an Apple Watch you may have to wait for the next series. It still lasts a day and a half like it did before under normal usage. The Apple Watch Series 4 lasts longer when using GPS and measuring heart rate in workouts, around 6 and a half hours. The Series 3 only lasted about 4 hours, so an extra 2 hours may not mean much if you're an all-day hiker, but if you're running for hours it could make a big difference. 
Fitness and Heart Rate: 

For years the Apple Watch took big strides in fitness technology adding, GPS, swim tracking, water resistance and much more. The big buzz about the improved accelerometer, gyroscope and heart-rate sensor on the Series 4 seem like they could help improve tracking, but none of that clearly plays out in everyday use. As for runs, walks and gym workouts, this new Apple Watch does just about the same thing as the Series 3. Apple has improved so much over the years. WatchOS 5 software adds automatic workout detection, which is an awesome upgrade. I still like the watch's resting heart rate and walking heart rate averages, and also the heart-rate recovery calculations after a workout. 
The newest health feature is the electro-cardiogram (ECG) this is not yet enabled yet in the US, and won't be coming to the rest of the world for even longer. However, Apple has demonstrated this feature, where you need to activate the app on the phone and then hold the Digital Crown down to complete the electrical circuit in your body. This sends out a set of data from the ECG to your Health app on the iPhone, which can be exported as a PDF and give information on rhythm to a phsycian, plus you're able to write notes to contextualise what was happening at the same time. Another new feature is the fall detection. If your 65 years young this feature will be automatically turned on. Here is how it works, Apple Watch detects that you're immobile for about a minute, it begins a 15-second countdown, while tapping you on the wrist and sounding an alert. The alert gets louder, so that you or someone nearby can hear it. If you don't want to call emergency services, tap Cancel. When the countdown ends, your Apple Watch automatically contacts emergency services. 


​Whether you’re out shopping or trying to find someone in a crowd, use the Walkie-Talkie app to get in touch with someone with just a tap. Add friends, then control who you want to talk too I've tried Walkie-Talkie and it is definitely fun to use. I've been able to have a few conversations and it works great and it’s sound is clear and fast. The problem is that the app leaves much to be desired in terms of its overall usefulness, you can only use Walkie-Talkie to communicate with someone that has an Apple Watch,that greatly limits who you can talk to using this feature.


Apple clearly believes smart watches are the way of the future and will not go away anytime soon. 
The Watch 4 certainly proves that, with the new design and the screen offering far more visibility. While the health benefits are only going to help a subset of users, they’re welcome and show the direction Apple is heading. 
In my opinion this is the best smart watch on the market and will only get better with time.
  • Larger display
  • Lightweight design
  • Louder speaker
  • Price point
  • Battery life needs to be more than two days
  • Watch face options are still very limited in choice and function

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