With all the smart speakers on the market, which one will suit your home? I think for the price and the ability to connect just about everything in your home, the Amazon Echo Plus speaker stacks up to all them and in my opinion this should be your speaker of choice. Despite all the competition, this remains my favorite for good reasons. Amazon Echo plus is a solid speaker. Its voice control has become the smart home’s best choice with standardized controls over lights, locks and much more.
​The Amazon Echo Plus is perhaps the most useful of all the smart speakers on the market. I
f sound quality and connectivity are the most important elements on deciding your smart speaker purchase, then the Amazon Echo Plus is one to consider.The Amazon Echo Plus wants to be the center of your smart home, and includes a built in smart device bridge hub, meaning you won't need a separate unit plugged in for each of the other compatible devices, (from smart light bulbs to thermostats) that you may want to pair with it. The price remains competitive. Paired with the solid audio quality this makes it an attractive addition to the Amazon Echo line up.

The Amazon Echo Plus dimension are 235mm tall and 48mm wide it comes in three colors white, black and a new silver option, It looks almost identical to the original Echo released in 2015. It's a big industrial metal cylinder. With a small footprint that lets it fit almost anywhere in your kitchen or living room/home. The upper part of the echo plus is brushed aluminum and the is capped off with a lighted color-changing volume ring around its upper edge.  This is used to show everything from volume level to listening modes and connectivity issues. You'll control the Echo Plus with your voice for the most part, but two hardware buttons are on the top. One mutes the mic, the other activates Alexa without using the trigger “Alexa” command. A rotating ring on the top also lets you alter volume like previous Amazon Echo design. The Echo Plus needs to be as good at hearing sound as playing it. It has seven far-field mics dotted around its top plate. It can hear your voice from several meters away, even if there's ambient noise in the room. 

The Amazon Echo Plus is the most well-equipped smart speaker that the company has out so far. It’s a good sounding speaker, but not necessarily worth an upgrade from an original Echo,
The top part of the Echo Plus is dedicated to listening, but the column below is all about sound. It houses a 2.5-inch woofer with a 0.8-inch tweeter, and there's Bluetooth to let you connect another speaker if you ever need more power. It's perfectly capable of filling a room with good-sounding music, but if you're hoping for a high-fidelity audio experience, you might be a little disappointed. It’s still not quite a replacement for a high end audio system. Bass response, while improved, is still weak in my opinion. There’s also a 3.5mm audio jack output port on the rear, a feature previously exclusive to the Echo Dot.
Note: that this isn’t a portable speaker, and will need a constant power supply and Wi-Fi connection in order to work effectively.

After a simple set-up process that links your Echo Plus to your Alexa phone app and home Wi-Fi connection, you’re ready to start slinging voice commands at the smart speaker. Alexa can play songs from Amazon’s own audio services or third-party streaming options like Spotify or TuneIn Radio. You can ask Alexa to control the temperature of a linked thermostat, ask Alexa a question and the female-voiced digital assistant will attempt to find and relay an answer from the internet, usually from Wikipedia. The uses are many and varied, from booking a taxi through Uber to ordering a pizza. The commands are broad and Alexa can even help with homework.

Wake up to your favorite music:
Rather then waking to the average digital sound, you can ask Aleax to play a specific song, radio station at a certain time. This works with Amazon music service and other streaming options, ( pandora, siriusXM and iheartradio).

Stream music throughtout every room in your house:
If you have multiple devices connected to your home wi-fi network, you can link them in the Alexa app, and have them stream the same song at the same time. Go to the Alexa app and find the multi-room music section in the setting menu and follow the directions.
Note: you will need Prime music or Amazon music unlimited.
Hungry? Wanna order pizza:
You can get a pizza delivered right to your doorstep without lifting a finger. All you have to do is enable the Domino’s Pizza Skills. Now all you have to do is say “Alexa” open Domino’s and place my easy order. The app also tells you the status of your order using the Domino’s tracker updates.
Wanna quick workout:
Alexa can get you into shape with the 7-minute workout skill. All you have to say is  “Alexa, start 7 minute workout.” Alexa will suggest tested exercises that will increase your metabolism, improve your energy and remove the unwanted fat. 
Have fun/Play games:
There are some many different trivia related skills. Play Jeopardy, tic-tac-toe, chess, bingo and many more games with Alexa.
You can set up a route to school, work or anyplace you choose and then ask Alexa “what is traffic like?”  She will tell how long it will take and the best route to use.
Love your sports:
Then the Amazon Echo Plus can help you stay on top of them with the latest updates scores and schedules. Open the Alexa app and go to menu, settings, sports, then update the search for your favorite teams NFL, NBA, MLS, MLB, NCAA and more, then save and your good to go.

Final verdict
The latest Amazon Echo Plus smart speaker is a refreshing update to the Amazon products. With affordable prices and a slick design it”s more appealing. Amazon is up against tough competition with the Google Home, Apple HomePod along with some other after market smart speakers. Amazon is one step ahead of them, as she gets better and smarter with each passing month and with superior sound quality. In short, the Amazon Echo Plus is a great place to start. Even if you don't fall in love with the idea of smart home technology, you can still use the Echo Plus as a pure Bluetooth music speaker.