Who we are:
           Everything Electronics Zone provides our viewers with honest written reviews of product and merchandise that we want you to see in action before making any final purchases. Products that we review can be any of the following categories: electronics, household items, watches, etc.
Our Goal:
            Is for customers to find reviews that they can trust before making purchases. Most importantly easily navigating on how to purchase the exact product through our one click links/icons. 

About the owner:
             Steve Rivero is a dedicated husband and a father of three active boys and an enthusiast of all things electronics. Whether it's buying a gift for one of his family members such things as Apple watch, hover boards or home security cameras , he loves to always try out new things. With his love for his toys, as he calls all of his new merchandise, Steve wanted to extend his passion and showcase/review anything that came shipped to his door. He hopes with his reviews he can help answer questions that might arise when shopping for any new toys for yourself and to make your shopping experience easy by simply clicking the direct links of the product that he reviewed. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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